Podcast: August 15, 2019

84 | Fierce Calm #yogasavedmylife| Feat. Gianna

Fierce Calm #yogasavedmylife with Gianna Welcome to another collaboration episode with Fierce Calm. This week Gianna stops by to share her story of finding yoga. Hearing stories like Gianna, is one of the reasons why I love doing this podcast. Creating space for others to come and share their incredible stories. Like Gianna’s story, Nicole [MORE]

Henry Winslow Yogi Misfit Danni Pomplun
Podcast: August 7, 2019

83 | Online Content | Feat. Henry Winslow

Online Content with Henry Winslow Welcome back Tribe, this week I’m joined by Henry Winslow. Sharing his stories on creating online content full of classes and podcasts. Henry joins today to talk about creating online content. Something we see every day, from Instagram posts to full-length classes and taking the step further to start to [MORE]

Rocky Heron Danni Pomplun Dharma Dudes Podcast YogiMisfits
Podcast: May 1, 2019

73 | Dharma Dudes | feat. Rocky Heron

Just two dudes talking about dharma… You loved mine and Rocky’s banter so much we decided to bring you “Dharma Dudes”. A monthly spin-off from The Yogi Misfit Session, where Rocky and I get to talk about whatever we and you want. For our first episode, we wanted to talk about dharma. What is it? [MORE]

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