Foundations before Vinyasa with Tim Senesi

We’re taking it back to basics today. 

Tim Senesi is an Orange County yoga teacher and joins in today to talk about the importance of a fundamental practice.

  • We’ve seen the advanced yoga practices and poses, and we’ve also wondered how we can get into it. Creating a solid foundation before we start to advance our practice. Even chaturanga can be an advanced asana, when the foundation hasn’t been built around it. 
  • Sometimes we forget the basics of where our practice comes from and want to dig into tapas- the burning desire to deepen the yoga practice and how to set that aside from the ego. Knowing that yoga should be there to keep us healthy. 
  • Tim shares what he is working on when teaching online, and in his group classes. Sharing how important standing postures can be, even when we start to look at arm balances.

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.