Summer Series with Shut Up And Yoga

Welcome back Tribe to another episode of the summer series with Shut Up and Yoga.
Garrett Neill joins today to talk about the beauty of functional movement, and its value in yoga.

Garrett is an author and writer for Shut Up and Yoga. As a Chiropractor, he has extensive knowledge of anatomy and function of the body. Drop-in and enjoy listening to:

  • Garrett and I talk about what books he’s currently reading and nerding over. How he uses his book in knowledge in classes, but also which ones he recommends. From anatomy to books just on the spine, he shares some awesome books.
  • We also talk about where the line is when we teach asana or teach movement-based classes. The functional movement that comes out of each practice, but also how we find the yoga in each. He shares his insight on practices that allow us to pause and sit with ourself after whether movement-based or asana based.

Enjoy the collaboration Tribe!

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.