Online Content with Henry Winslow

Welcome back Tribe, this week I’m joined by Henry Winslow. Sharing his stories on creating online content full of classes and podcasts.

Henry joins today to talk about creating online content. Something we see every day, from Instagram posts to full-length classes and taking the step further to start to create our own. It was such a pleasure to have him on today and talk about using technology as a way to share the message of yoga.

  • Henry shares his stories of creating online content outside his own media platform and what the future holds in creating his own library of yoga classes. Sharing the variability of putting yourself out there, what it’s like to work with different media platforms but also the experiences that surround it. 
  • We also talk about the accessibility of online content for students and teachers alike. Online content can be a powerful tool when we can’t always make it to a studio and want to still connect on the mat. Sharing the beauty of yoga through technology that we use every day. We also talk about how to get started in sharing the content, from marketing and even the simple ways to create the content.

Enjoy this weeks episode.
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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.