Rocky Heron Danni Pomplun Dharma Dudes Podcast YogiMisfits
Podcast: May 1, 2019

73 | Dharma Dudes | feat. Rocky Heron

Just two dudes talking about dharma… You loved mine and Rocky’s banter so much we decided to bring you “Dharma Dudes”. A monthly spin-off from The Yogi Misfit Session, where Rocky and I get to talk about whatever we and you want. For our first episode, we wanted to talk about dharma. What is it? [MORE]

Colin Hall Yogi Misfits Yoga History Philosophy
Podcast: April 24, 2019

72 | Yoga History Debunked | feat. Colin Hall

Hey tribe, For this week’s session, we have the hugely interesting Colin Hall. Colin is a super smart guy who really knows his stuff about yoga philosophy and history. Join us as we do a deep dive into philosophy, history and the current state of yoga. Bringing yoga education intelligently into the modern world. This [MORE]

Spiritually Fly Faith Hunter Yogi Misfits Danni Pomplun
Podcast: April 3, 2019

69 | Being Spiritually Fly | Feat. Faith Hunter

Yogis, meet the incredibly kind and amazing Faith Hunter. I credit her with really helping me to make the jump into teaching yoga with her encouragement. For this session, we talk about dealing with her brother’s battle with HIV and the huge role yoga had in her life with questioning her belief in spirituality, and [MORE]

Yogi Misfit Book Club The Alchemist
Podcast: March 20, 2019

BC 3 | Book Club | The Alchemist

Hey yogis! By now, we’ve finished reading book #3 of the Yogi Misfit Book Club, The Alchemist. If you haven’t yet finished it–no worries! Keep on keepin’ on but there are spoilers ahead! This session, I talk about the story of the Alchemist. If metaphorical stories or self-help books are not your jam, this book [MORE]

compassion Sri Dharma Mittra Yogi Misfits
Podcast: March 13, 2019

Yogi Misfit Sessions: S67 Sri Dharma Mittra

I am beyond honored to have Sri Dharma Mittra on the podcast this week. A former bodybuilder, jiu jitsu practitioner, and wrestler, Sri Dharma moved from his home country of Brazil to New York City with the help of his brother to study with Yogi Gupta. He then went on to assist Yogi Gupta and [MORE]

Kris Pace Fierce Calm #yogasavedmylife Yogi Misfit Danni Pomplun Podcast
Podcast: March 6, 2019

Yogi Misfit Sessions x Fierce Calm: S2 Kris Pace

 Tribe, I’m honored to present to you the collaboration between the Yogi Misfit Sessions and Fierce Calm. Fierce Calm is a growing collective of yoga practitioners from all backgrounds and abilities who have each identified with the words ‘Yoga Saved My Life’. Coming together as a movement to inspire & empower each other without judgment [MORE]

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