A Place of Inspiration for Intention

I feel so inspired right now and it’s all because of you. This community has shown me great love and strength. The feeling of gratitude is overwhelming. Right now I am sending that love back out into the world. I am taking all that strength you’ve given me and putting it back into this practice. This practice continues to inspire me. 

To show up exactly as I am.

To be my authentic self. 

To have intention in this practice. 

So what does that mean for me? What can I do to actively participate in this expansive of self and love? How can I bring intention back to my practice?

Continuing reflection in my four pillars – Heart. Smart. Community. Strength. – shows how I can bring intention back to my practice. 

Heart. Looking at Yamas and Niyamas and reflecting how these limbs of yoga play into my life. Taking time to study and bringing them back into the realm of me. This is always a practice. 

Smart. Even after years in this practice, I still need to come back to the foundations. The foundations are themselves a practice – they grant us access to look deeper into ourselves and how we navigate this world. Taking the time to feel into my body, activate the muscles, feel the transitions, and reflect on how the structures hold emotion, energy, and truth.

Community. You have shown me true love and support over the last few months. You STILL continue to show up, make me smile, make me laugh, feel community, and give me the strength to go into the day. I am dedicated to looking where I can support you more in this practice. 

Strength. Building a strong mind is a practice. Meditation practices offer us the chance to breathe, to be okay, to check in, and the chance to experience. I intend to share what meditation has given to me and how it has grounded me through some of the most difficult times in my life. 

Sending love yogis. 


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