You might have noticed I took a break from teaching the other week. It was pretty last minute and I didn’t make any major announcements. I packed up and took off. I spent a week with my quarenteam out in nature with little opportunity to connect to cell service, my email and my community.

I needed that break.

Since COVID started I have been working 6 days a week and feeling like I’ve been in startup mode – just pivoting and trying to catch up. Every class I taught I was met with the words “I’m exhausted!” from students which, truth be told, was equally exhausting. I am exhausted too. AND I’m equally exhausted from saying “I’m exhausted.” It’s a crazy cycle, yogis.

So what am I doing about my exhaustion?

I am bringing intention back into my awareness. I am making a promise to myself and my community that I will take a moment to think about what is serving me as well as serving others. I mentioned it has been hard for me to feel present lately. I know now that was exhaustion – spreading myself too thin and letting the things that serve me fall to the wayside. Well no more. I am bringing my attention back to the things that serve me and in turn serve my community.

So what serves me? 

Joy serves me. On my trip I had the opportunity to spin fire poi, a fire dancing tool, which I haven’t done in months. When I spun these balls of fire around, I immediately felt my entire body ignite and light up (see what I did there…). I felt joy. But why did I ever stop this thing that brought me joy in the first place? Because I felt that my attention and focus needed to be elsewhere; in my teaching with my community. I realize now that in denying myself joy, I was hurting not only myself, but my community. No more. There’s no dollar amount or excuse moving forward. I see now that to be the best Danni I can be for this community, I need to allow time for the things that bring me joy.

All that being said, you’ll notice my public schedule is cutting down a bit. I am creating more space to unplug and recharge my batteries. And I highly recommend you do the same.


When you do jump in to my class, you will most likely see this “blue print” pose, Warrior I. This is one of my go to postures to elevate my mood and create tapas in my heart and body. 

Are you ready to ignite your Warrior I pose? Here we go!


WI creates a stillness in the body by tying in multiple movements in different directions. The front and back hip components engage to stabilize the pelvis while the chest lifts up to the sky. Think of it as a way to supercharge the energy in your body.


  • Stack your front knee on over the ankle
  • Turn your pelvis to face forward, you might stand with feet hip-width to make it happen
  • Stretch your arms up and press your palms together


  • Shorten the stride of your feet
  • Open your hands to shoulder width


  • Press both feet firmly into the ground to turn the legs and glutes on
  • Draw the ribs in and lift your pelvic floor
  • Turn your palms up and place block in your hands

Next time you find yourself in Warrior One I hope you think of me! See you on your mat yogis!


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