Ohh Warrior Two… You sneaky snake you. W2 is one of those poses I both love and hate. It took me a while to figure out but when I finally learned to love it, I loved it more than anything else. You’ll notice I use this pose in almost every class. It’s not only good to get you super strong but also a great way to open your hips and also strengthen your glutes.

When I call out this pose I want people to feel like a warrior. Strong yet humble. There’s a ton of info out there on this pose and here’s my two cents to add to the collection.


W2 creates length in a series of muscles including the pecs, biceps, front leg, hamstrings and the back leg psoas and gastrocnemius. It creates stability and conveys strength of both the outside world and the mind.


  • Stack your front knee over the ankle.
  • Back foot just before parallel of the back edge of your mat
  • Stretch your arms out like the letter T


  • Shorten the stride of your feet
  • Bring hands to heart center
  • Lower the back leg completely down


  • Press both feet firmly into the ground to turn the legs and glutes on
  • Draw the ribs in and lift your pelvic floor
  • Turn your palms up and place block in your hands

Next time you find yourself in Warrior Two I hope you think of me! See you on your mat yogis!


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