Have you ever started your practice and not had your necessary props around? This usually happens to me when I travel. Thankfully though you don’t have to have the world’s fanciest props to support your practice. That’s right! Your everyday household items lying around will work in place of the usual popular props. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you can use!

But first, why props? If you’ve ever practiced, you know yoga can be pretty challenging. And if you’ve ever had a look around the room, you know not all poses are a one size fits all. Props help you deepen your practice and build more strength while also making poses more accessible. Accessibility in these poses is so important to unlock build up and tensions we store in the body. This is a big reason I love playing around with props every time I teach.

So! Ready to get resourceful?


Blocks are my go-to and I use them in almost every practice – both when I teach and in my personal asana. They’re a great way to help bring the ground to you. Think of them as extensions of your arms. I also love using them for core work. They help give feedback to engage the body parts in which you want to activate correctly. They’re like the duct tape of a yoga practice.

No block?

Try using a water bottle, solid book, or tupperware.


StrapsBelts are another great way to extend your limbs, especially when working binds or trying to reach for a limb. 

No strap?

Try using a tie, belt, scarf, or towel.


The pillow of yoga! Hehehe and the go-to for restorative yoga. They’re great to help your body rest in certain positions and they allow your pelvis to lift when seated. Ever tried a bolster under your knees in savasana? It’s heaven!

No Bolster?

Try using a pillow, rolled up towel, or household blanket.

Maybe you’re just getting started in your home practice, or maybe aren’t quite ready to invest in props yet, OR maybe you’re traveling and still need to get your practice in, it’s all good! These are great alternatives to use for your practice. At the end of the day you don’t REALLY need those mainstream props to practice, but I highly recommend them. Think of them as an investment in your health and your practice.

My personal favorites can be found from our friends over at Half Moon Yoga. They’re an amazing company with great values and ethics. Check out their website www.shophalfmoon.com and use code “DANNI” for 15% off.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these prop alternatives in your practice, yogis.


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