If it’s not on Instagram did it really happen?! We are coming at you with the next session featuring Bre + Flo, two of my buddies that live and breathe yoga! We chat about influencer cutler and how it shows up in yoga, social media, and throughout all of our lives. We flip the script on social media and discuss how we can use that tool for GOOD. They have a really cool story where they sold all their belongings and moved into an RV and decided to travel the world! They document their journey on Instagram and take you along for the ride. Bre and Flo were brought together through yoga and it continues to guide their lives.  It’s their passion to bring love and spread healing to all. These two are the most grounded humans I have ever met. Listen now and comment below – do you believe influencer culture can be used for good?

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.