Today we get to hear from the goddess of Yoga Nidra, Tracee Stanley. We get to hear about what it means to intentionally turn inwards during a time when we are all stuck inside. Not only is Tracee a faculty member at the Esalen Institute, contributor to WOKE Magazine, and co-founder of Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra Training School, but she is also the founder and director of Sankalpa Shakti Yoga School. Since 2004 the focus of Tracee’s teaching has been yoga nidra, meditation, self-empowerment, sankalpa (intention) and self-inquiry. Together we reminisce on our inspiring time together at the Wanderlust Yoga festival and demystify the practice of Yoga Nidra. Tracee helps listeners understand Yoga Nidra as a practice that helps you wake up to your life rather than just a technique to fall asleep and relax. Tracee is so generous and is offering all of us a FREE Yoga Nidra – link below. Tune in to this amazingness with Tracee.

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