Sitting is Killing You with Tristan Gatto

As I was recording this podcast, I had a hard time believing that it’s almost episode 100. So thankful to have this strong community supporting the show!

Speaking of, today is episode 98 and one of the coolest teachers I’ve met in a long time is on with us. Tristian Gatto shares his journey with yoga and physical therapy. He’s married them together to get people healthy in their bodies.

I have seen this trend of yoga moving into functional movements and it’s super cool to get his perspective on it. He is not only supporting practitioners but teachers as well, offering programs to help them deepen their knowledge of the body. These programs also give teachers shill to work with private clients in a smart and accessible way.

Again I want to thank everyone for supporting the show! Listen and enjoy!


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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.