Jacob’s Journey with Jacob Manning

I’m so excited to have Jacob Manning today. We are all on an amazing journey, from where we start and the goals we build for ourselves.

Jacob shares his journey through the years. Not only a yoga instructor but in his life, and how he balances between it all. 

  • Jacob takes us back to the beginning of his yoga practice, with the goals that he set that felt he could achieve. Finding a daily practice that helps support his personal goals. 
  • We talk about how we help flourish and take care of ourselves. How we spend time watering, as Jacob puts it, the garden. The different aspects we have in our life, and where we focus our energy too much or too little.

Join Jacob and I for a seven-day charka retreat in Portugal, April 2020.

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MUSIC: Process by 92elm

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.