Tim Feldmann’s Journey Into Yoga

Tribe welcome back to YogiMisfits, this week I have Tim Feldmann, Director of Miami Life Center, Ashtanga yoga teacher and practitioner. 

Training as a professional dancer, Tim Feldmann suffered from a major injury after falling off a mountain. Study different methods and techniques, he shares is the path to his recovery, walking again and how he came to Ashtanga yoga.

  • After falling off a mountain while studying dance professionally, Tim was told that he should give up dancing, but he wanted to find a way to walk and dance again. Attending rehabilitation for two years, he studied under the Alexander Technique, improving his skills to walk again and apply the method to his everyday lifestyle.  
  • We also talk about Ashtanga yoga, and how Tim came to start his practice with it. He shares what the practice means to him not only from a mental view but also from the physical aspect of it. Sharing stories of when he started practicing, to now as the Director of Miami Life Center.

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.