Teaching Teachers with Noah Maze

Tribe, I am so excited to have my teacher Noah Maze on today, sharing his stories, what mentorship is like and the natural progress of seeking more knowledge. 

Noah and I dive into what it’s like teaching teachers, but also the natural progression in learning that happens within us as we start to deepen our quest for knowledge. Noah also shares:

  • What the Maze Method is, and how it was developed from his 20 years of practicing and teaching yoga practices. There’s a dynamic transformation that happens when people come together to learn to teach yoga. Whether they come to a teacher training to deepen their practice or come to want to learn how to teach.
  • What it means to learn how to learn and the process of meeting someone where they are in their learning needs. Noah shares the value in variability when we step out of the comfort zone and enter the world of teaching and learning. But also finding the gaps in the knowledge and using that to help find our unique strengths.

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.