Summer Series with Shut Up And Yoga

Welcome back Tribe to another episode of the summer series with Shut Up and Yoga. Today Paul McQuillan joins today to talk about false gurus and yoga addiction.

From personal experiences with his yoga teacher training to why we as teachers get viewed as gurus, Paul McQuillan joins me today to talk about:

  • How it’s okay to say “I don’t know.” When we’re approached with questions about things we are unsure of or don’t know about, those three magical words still show that we aren’t all-knowing.
  • What it means to be viewed as a glorified teacher, or even some times as a doctor or guru, and how we keep a healthy awareness that we don’t always know. That it’s okay for us not to know as yoga teachers because we facilitate yoga and not a medical practice.
  • While more and more students and teachers alike grow to ask more questions rather than just be taught at, we talk about what that means for the yoga community. Paul also shares his stories on what it means to take care of the collective energies in the room and leading not from a non-militant standpoint as a teacher.

Enjoy this collaboration with Shut Up and Yoga!

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