Tribe, I’m excited to team with Shut Up and Yoga for this summer session.

Sharing stories and writings within the yoga community, Shut Up and Yoga is a digital magazine that brings light into the uncomfortable topics that sometimes are overlooked or not talked about. These are important and real conversations that sometimes we should have while we continue to grow together as a community of yogis.

Sarah Dittmore joins me today, just back from her recent travels in a technicolor van around the United States. She is a writer and editor for Shut Up and Yoga. Joining the digital magazine from the grassroots of it, we talk about the vitality in having these conversations that push the envelope in the yoga world.

Take a listen and enjoy this episode of the Summer Series.

Arm Balance Worksop
Nerd Alert: Anatomy, Asana+Alignment
Arm Balance Course

Thank you to today’s guest Sara Dittmore. Follow her adventures.

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.