Tribe, this week I’m joined by Ana Forest of Forest Yoga and Jose Calarco.

Meeting in an elevator by chance, Ana Forest and Jose Calarco start by sharing their mystical story of how they meet. The magical weave of time that placed them together at particular moments in their life. Each sharing the story from their point in life and how the first time they meet was a divine gift.

Listen to the astounding stories of each of their personal studies before the union, to the link and entanglement of them as they grew to know each other. Putting a calling out into the universe, and the thoughts and actions making its way back to both Ana and Jose. Sometimes as a bolt of lightning into the soul, or the sound of a didgeridoo to the heart.

Finding such a spiritual connection within each other and how they have woven their experiences into the layers of Forest Yoga. This divine, deep connection that brought the two of them together, creates such a profound experience just listening to it.

Sit back and enjoy!
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Find out more about Ana and Jose here:
Ana Forest
Jose Calarco

MUSIC: Process by 92elm

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.