I am beyond honored to have Sri Dharma Mittra on the podcast this week. A former body builder, jiu jitsu practitioner, and wrestler, Sri Dharma moved from his home country of Brazil to New York City with the help of his brother to study with Yogi Gupta. He then went on to assist Yogi Gupta and found the Dharma Yoga New York Center.

We talk about doing all things with compassion (and understanding that it starts from a place of ethics), the importance of studying scripture, where to start with studying the scriptures, and understanding the yamas and niyamas.

Being healthy (by way of a vegan diet), having a sense of self-control, being dedicated to a teacher, and observing the 8-Limbed Path is Sri Dharma’s best advice for success in any aspect of your life.

Learn more about Sri Dharma Mittra:

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.