Not sure if it’s just me, but this whole “New Year, new me” thing is kinda eh. To be honest, I was one of those people excited about a new year, setting new goals, changing it up — but I got far more change than I had wanted. I launched into 2017 with a cold, a scooter accident and a break-up. It’s not the way I pictured my year starting at all; I had a completely different plan in mind.

I came to the conclusion that for me, January sucks, but only for certain areas of life. What I had “planned” and what actually happened are two different things, but I’m not sad about it. Instead, I trust in it. It’s the expectations I had around what I thought was going to happen that made me feel bad. It’s like thinking you are going to nail a handstand and then completely crash over. The one thing I forgot about as all this happened was my anchor. In the studio, I always remind students of this. Your body is always going to shift but the breath, that stays steady and keeps you anchored. My anchor is my community, my practice, my yoga. As dumb as it sounds, I almost forgot that. Here is my thank you for keeping me grounded. Also, 2017 has just started. I’m ready for it.

See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.