Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service resulting in personal growth and contribution to the improvement of a community. This past Saturday, 92 yogis came together to practice seva and raised $4,115 for underserved youth. It’s easy at times to have your yoga stop at the end of class. Your teacher normally ends with a namaste and you continue about your day/night. When I close class, I choose to honor the breath and remind people that it is here for us both on and off the mat. The same is true for the other aspects of our yoga practice as well.The true practice isn’t just about moving your body into different shapes (the asanas). Seva is another key component of the path of yoga.  Through it, we learn to find a wholeness with ourselves and bring that out of the studio into the world to help others. In other words, take your yoga off your mat. Bring it into the world where it can do something for others. Any action big or small will help create this energy. Take a moment to see what you can do to support your community and let your follow through ignite others to do the same. This is how we seva.

See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.