I’m about to get really honest and say “INJURIES SUCK!”. I was at a point in my practice where my handstands were on point, my balance was great, and I felt more stable than ever. Then, all of a sudden, here comes a major shoulder injury. It’s tough when you have a mental bar set of what your practice is supposed to look like and what others are doing. But there’s light in this. Even though my ego was telling me that my physical practice was slowly declining, it was brought to my attention that this was time to focus on my inner practice. What?!?! With all the pressure of the modern day focus on physical achievement, we forget yoga has multiple dimensions. The physical (the asana) is just one of them. But yoga goes much deeper: it’s a relationship with yourself and others around you. It’s a way to challenge  your mind to exceed previous limitations. It’s an opportunity for you to reflect and really be honest with yourself about what you’re capable of in the current moment.  Injuries can teach us lessons if we’re willing to learn.

See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.