I quit my job… Yup: I decided to stop the bartending shenanigans and start teaching more yoga.  Although at this very moment I’m beyond scared and have no idea what’s going to happen (when do we ever, really?), I still have this compelling energy to do more. Someone earlier today looked at me and said: “Danni: RELAX.  If not today, when; if not you, then who?”.  This is where my crazy kicked in.  Although I had what I perceived to be financial security in what I was doing working at the bar, I had to take a leap and reach for something I was passionate about.  Sometimes we doubt ourselves when we’re not sure how to reach our fullest potential, and I think that, when we catch ourselves acting from this fear, it’s crucial to redirect our line of thinking, take a deep breath, and accept the life upgrade that you’ve earned.  As cheesy as it sounds, my advice is to listen to your heart.  You already know what you need to do.

See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.