I think at this point in this yoga jam of mine I have taken something like five teacher trainings (and who knows how many workshops). For a long time, there was this underlying issue I had that I wasn’t ready to be a “real teacher” or “I didn’t know enough”. I failed to recognize my hard work and efforts, but mainly I failed to trust myself. So many people had to reassure me I was on the right path or that I was good enough before I felt it. I had the honor tonight of having a really special teacher of mine take my class. At the end of class, I asked for feedback and she said: “I’m going to try and come every week”. I think I’ve always had this wanting for more knowledge so I could be the best, but I realize it’s about teaching from your experience and from your truth. By the way, I’m never done being a student, I learn from every person that walks into one of my classes in one way or another.

See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.