Do as you’re told, follow the rules, fit in… Just some of the many phrases I’m not a big fan of. I remember awhile back walking in an airport and people staring at me. Maybe it was the tattoos or the crazy mohawk hair I had at the time but it made me feel a little uncomfortable. I felt outta place. The majority of people at the airport looked and carried themselves in a certain way. This was my original thought on yoga as well: I had categorized people who do yoga to fit into a certain box. When I step into a class and see the room filled with different types of people (shapes, sizes, colors, you name it), I get so happy. It brings me joy to have a “home” where these people feel comfortable. I realized walking in the airport that I didn’t want to be everybody else: I just wanted to be ME. So show up as you are. Embrace your weirdness. Stand out. Go against the stream. And feel at home with the rest of us.

See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.