A good friend of mine (Hi Tim!) said something to me a few weeks back about surrounding yourself with the people you want to become. He was telling me about this study that found we are the average of the five people that we are most connected with, and for me that totally makes sense. We’ve all had: Debbie Downer, Sassy Sally, Negative Nancy, and so on as friends, but it makes me wonder how much those people are impacting our lives. Personally I have some pretty big goals for this lifetime: travel the world, teach yoga while I travel, make a living doing yoga, and be happy overall. Sometimes it’s hard to cut the ties to the people we feel are our friends—and I get that—but maybe it’s not about cutting ties. Maybe it’s about choosing who supports us. I can name two handfuls of people right off the bat that would be excited about anything I want to do in life. The best part is they are 100% truly genuine about it. So let’s agree to this: let’s start spending more time with people as epic as we are.

See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.