Over the last few days I had this giant knot in my stomach, it’s been twisting and turning with no sign of ending. I had to stop and take a good hard look at what was causing this “knot” and of course it was my good friend fear. He jumped right in and started playing his games with me and I of course fell right for his trap. I got stuck in his loop game for a good four days until i decided to talk to someone about it. A good friend of mine asked what I was fearful of and I replied “not being good enough as a yoga teacher.”. Her response was plain and simple “none of the good yoga teachers did”. It took a second but it all started to make sense. I had made up all these stories in my head that hadn’t even happened about how I wasn’t good enough. I decided to be vulnerable and share with some students that I had fear and not surprisingly these other humans had also experienced fear’s game. I realized in that second that the fear of being a teacher, student, or anything else you’re passionate about in life isn’t a bad thing; it’s a human thing. The trick is to not play fears game. At the end of it I flipped fear the bird and decided I’d hang out with love instead. Love is way more real than fear will ever be.


See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.