One man dance party

Thoughts: April 1, 2015

As I drove home Saturday on my scooter, I had tons of music stuck in my head. At the red lights I would tap my feet up and down and bob my head side to side with, of course, only the music playing in my head. At no point did I care what the other drivers around me thought; I just wanted to move my body to the beat in my head. Once I arrived home, I sat for a second and the urge wouldn’t go away. Cue dimmed lights, candles, and some music. I had a ONE-MAN DANCE PARTY! It by far was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a while. I was smiling, laughing, partner dancing with my dog, and all in the world was amazing. So today–yes, today–take a moment, turn on some music, and dance it out! Trust me when I say: You’ll feel amazing.

See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.


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