94 | Dharma Dudes: Your Purpose | Feat. Rocky Heron

Podcast: October 23, 2019

Your Purpose with Rocky Heron

Rocky is back and we’re keeping it real. Sharing experiences from our path, but also where we are in life that allows us to continue to create space for our purpose. 

  • We talk about the meditation training that I went through recently, digging deeper into the work and finding moments of silence that transpired from the weekend. I dive into the transformational experiences that come from the weekend.
  • The steps you take on your path to your purpose are powerful, all the space that is created and how we move forward each day through the process. We share some of these processes we’ve taken along our path. 
  • We also talk about the identity that we live within our purpose. From yoga teachers, actors, musicians and everything else that we call ourselves. The internal search of “I am” while we move forward on our paths.

Two more spots have opened up for our New Years Mexico Retreat.

Follow along with Rocky:

MUSIC: Process by 92elm

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.

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