Burn Out with Rocky Heron

So how do the Dharma Dudes handle burn out? Yes, we all have been there, we’ve all experienced it. Well, that’s what Rocky and I talk about today. How we get there, to how we help ourselves out of the burn out. 

  • We talk about how when we start to add different elements into our life, or just into our daily schedule it can start to become taxing on the body and mind. How that can evolve into a burn out, but also how these repetitive actions can fortify our minds for the next time we start to feel a burn out coming.
  • Rocky and I also share what we can do to help get out of the burn out feeling. Reaching out to other people and friends to talk to can be a healthy way to connect with how we feel. Taking a step back and looking at what is happening around us can be a healthy way to understand what got us to the burn out point.
  • We also dive into the different ways a burn out effects but also evolves our personal practice. Sharing how we nourish the body through asana, pranayama, journaling, and other means to step away from asking for more from ourselves. 

One way to help come out of a burn is to retreat yourself. Don’t forget you can join Rocky and I for a New Years Retreat.

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.