Happy Pride Tribe! Dharma Dudes is back.
Some strong language is used, with talk about drug use. These talks come from an authentic place, alongside our typical banter. Rocky Heron and I explore how we experience the balance between being in the world as queer men, but also as a yoga teacher.

As queer men and growing into ourselves, sometimes it involves turning away from expectations and social norms. Trying on different hats and experiencing the yogic path that we enjoy. We talk about the dichotomy of what is being a yoga teacher and a queer man, with the worldly views of both.

Yoga doesn’t say that you can’t practice it if you enjoy other things that are outside the studio life. As queer men, we have experiences that we have to bring into this world. Knowing where we live, and what is viewed as acceptable practices. By experiencing them we start building the vocabulary around them, and conversations that involve them.

Join Rocky and me in Pachamama, Mexico for a New Years Retreat.
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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.