Tribe, welcome back to another collaboration with Fierce Calm + #yogasavedmylife.

I love doing shows with Fierce Calm and the platform that was created around it. If you haven’t listened to previous episodes with Fierce Calm, it’s a great way to share these stories of how yoga saved the lives of different people from around the world. That’s exactly what I’m talking about today with Melanie Klein & Jennifer Kreatsoulas.

Both Jennifer and Melanie share a similar story as to how yoga had a positive impact on their lives. Coming both from athletics as well as a world of body images ideas for women. Sharing these similarities helps bring light and normalization to these conversations. Jennifer and Melaine talk about what they have used and still use to this day to share empowering messages and help the lives around them.

They share the knowledge of asana, which is one of many tools we have in our toolbox as yoga teachers. Jennifer, Melanie and I dive into how not only asana, pranayama, meditation and other aspects of yoga help live yoga on and off the mat. From daily practices, to what they’re studying and even finding the value in just taking a quick breath in the middle of the day. These tools we have can help shift and change our lives, and even save them.

Enjoy another amazing Fierce Calm collaboration.

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