Yogi Misfit Sessions x Fierce Calm: S2 Kris Pace

Kris Pace Fierce Calm #yogasavedmylife Yogi Misfit Danni Pomplun Podcast
Podcast: March 6, 2019

Tribe, I’m honored to present to you the collaboration between the Yogi Misfit Sessions and Fierce Calm. Fierce Calm is a growing collective of yoga practitioners from all backgrounds and abilities who have each identified with the words ‘Yoga Saved My Life’. Coming together as a movement to inspire & empower each other without judgment and with compassion.

This is something that I think we can all stand behind. Veteran Kris Pace suffered a traumatic brain injury during his service leaving him with chronic pain and PTSD.

Yoga gave its support to Kris after experiencing frustration with the Veteran Affairs health care system. Manifesting as a physical practice initially, yoga showed its spiritual side that encouraged him to become a teacher when he didn’t want to be. Being vulnerable during class cracked something open within that altered Kris’ life as he knew it.

Stay tuned at the end for two mini stories from Shannon and Tatiana, too! Learn more about Today’s Guests: krispacefitness.com Shannon Liebel Instagram: @shannonlyoga Facebook: @shannonlyoga Tatiana Elghossain IG: @tatiyogini MUSIC: 92elm x Pold – Flowers Relax Daily – No.56

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See you on the mat. Much love and good vibes.


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