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I believe yoga has the power to change the world — one down dog at a time. Yoga reminds us to stop sweating the small stuff and exhale the bullshit. This practice gives us a space to be free, to come back to ourselves. I believe yoga should be fun, functional on our bodies, and always, always REAL. See you on the mat.

Danni Pomplun, E-RYT 500.

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Blog Post Template -Light Background

Blog Post Template -Light Background

It’s a great feeling when attendees arrive at your retreat open to receiving training and feeling balanced already. It means that you can transition everyone out of travel limbo into the program without having to spend too much time releasing travel anxiety or...

167 | Triathletes and yoga | Feat. Louise Croxson

167 | Triathletes and yoga | Feat. Louise Croxson

< I ran a marathon once… Yup, exactly one time. That was my first and it will be my last. But some people LIVE FOR IT! In many cases, these marathoners train year after year all year long. Then, they add in biking and swimming and call it a party! Yes, I’m talking...

166 | We’re building a home | Feat. Danni + Yvonne

166 | We’re building a home | Feat. Danni + Yvonne

< It took me a long time to realize how much I could accomplish simply by putting my mind to it. I never really believed in my potential. And then sometimes when I did consider the incredible things I was manifesting, I failed to take a step back and appreciate how...

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