Podcast: February 15, 2017

Yogi Misfit Sessions: S12 Krista Smith

Welcome to the Yogi Misfit Sessions. Ever wonder what an energy coach is? Today my guest is Krista Smith. Krista is a Speaker & Body, Mind Expert Somatic Therapist. Through her work as a yoga Teacher, Shiatsu Practinor and Personal Success Coach she has guided people to live with the extraordinary. Krista, British by birth. she left England in 2004 to [MORE]

Podcast: February 1, 2017

Yogi Misfit Sessions: S11 Maryam Sharifzadeh

Welcome to the Yogi Misfit Sessions. Today my guest is Maryam Sharifzadeh. We met this past December at a Lululemon gathering. This is really the longest conversation we’ve ever had but man was it a good one. She’s funny, driven, and all about the yoga. Today we dive in on the benefits of office yoga [MORE]

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