Thoughts: March 28, 2016

The student becomes the teacher

I think at this point in this yoga jam of mine I have taken something like five teacher trainings (and who knows how many workshops). For a long time, there was this underlying issue I had that I wasn’t ready to be a “real teacher” or “I didn’t know enough”. I failed to recognize my [MORE]

Thoughts: March 21, 2016

Stand out

Do as you’re told, follow the rules, fit in… Just some of the many phrases I’m not a big fan of. I remember awhile back walking in an airport and people staring at me. Maybe it was the tattoos or the crazy mohawk hair I had at the time but it made me feel a [MORE]

Thoughts: March 14, 2016

Climb a FU$KING mountain

A few months ago, I chatted with a friend about my bucket list. It came up in conversation that I wanted to hike Machu Picchu in Peru to go find myself (or something of that variation). I’ve done a few hikes before but nothing as intense as this. I said, “why the hell not?” Bought [MORE]

Thoughts: March 7, 2016


I spent the last two weeks of February with one of my teachers in a training and man, was it brutal. I had to work my other job and still manage a full teaching schedule. I could have easily given those things up or just not taken the training… but I wanted it badly. I [MORE]

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